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A bem alimentar

The BemAlimentar is a fully integrated company, from production to marketing to final product purchased by the consumer.

This means that is guaranteed the quality and full traceability of our products at source to preserve freshness and flavor. Our values ​​are based on respect for resources, but also on human development and respect for the environment on a long-term working logic, which has a tradition of over 20 years.

When the goods leave the factory they arrive at their destination in the best possible conditions. In the case of cold or frozen products means we have to ensure they are stored and transported at the correct temperatures.

At this time, we have both domestic and foreign producers in order to provide a fast and quality service. Always we have the certificates required by our customers, and adjust both products to their packaging and presentation, to your requests.

We have our professionals, we ensure all necessary steps to imports and exports of goods, storage, transit, both dry as cold and frozen in their national and international dimensions. For this reason, and since it is not necessary to have multiple providers, commercial actions simplify up and have a lower cost. We are at your disposal for any information.

Producers association
  • ComaBem

    Generic brand of seafood, canned food varied, pre-frozen food, pasta and derivatives, ham and charcuterie, meat, vegetables and canned fruit, pizza, honey

  • BemaBem

    Juices and Nectars

  • TemperaBem

    Sauces and spices

  • FritaBem

    Oils and derivatives

  • Cornélia

    Cheeses and prepared milk

  • Polpa Frit

    Tomato paste

  • Altarriba


Directly from our Producers!

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